Design Blogs Provide Inspiration

Reminder: tomorrow is the last day to vote for your favourite shop stools!

If you follow my Twitter or Pinterest account, you’ve seen some of the designs by other makers that intrigue or inspire me. Most of these come from the following design blogs. Among these sites, there is a considerable volume of pictures and text to process; for the short, filtered version, just follow my Pinterest board.

My Pinterest Board

These are the design blogs that I follow.


Need Some Ideas for Your Shop Stool?

Register today to participate in the Shop Stool Build-Off and a chance to win a prize!

Saturday, January 25 is the date set for the Shop Stool Build-Off. Some woodworkers I have talked to are already working on designs and expect to do some material prep (including building bending forms) before the big day arrives. Others are just going to show up on that day and build a stool, making their decisions on the fly.

If you need some inspiration to get you going, check out the images of various designs of stools I’ve gathered on a Pinterest board.

Shop Stool Build-Off Ideas Board on Pinterest

My Pinterest board of Shop Stool Build-Off Ideas (click to view)

I (along with a few other dedicated followers) are working to secure some prize sponsors for the Shop Stool Build-Off. Please register for the event using the form on the page linked at the bottom of this page.