End Grain Yew Cribbage Boards, Part 1

Earlier this week, I began work on a new cribbage board. The section of Pacific yew didn’t look like much at first.

Pacific Yew Log

I wanted to include this protrusion.

Keep this Limb

And wanted to exclude this chainsaw cut.

Exclude this Chainsaw Cut

I screwed a straight piece of wood on to one end of the material and used a scrap of wood to angle it parallel to my desired cut line.


Since the screws bowed the once-straight piece of wood, I used a handplane to restraighten it.

Straightening Fence

I set my bandsaw to make the cut furthest from the screwed-on fence.

Ready to Band Saw

This was the result of the first cut.

First Cut

And this was the result of the second cut after repositioning the fence.  At least the bottom cut was flat.

Second Cut

I sanded the top side smooth with 80-grit abrasive.

Top Sanded

I mixed up some West Systems epoxy to fill some of the voids. After mixing, I set it aside for about half an hour to thicken.

IMG_20150913_123427942Although most of the bark came off quite easily, a few stubborn pieces didn’t want to let go. I carefully used a block of wood and a mallet to remove them.

Removing Bark

While waiting for the epoxy to further thicken, I decided to cut a second cribbage board from one of the off-cuts.


I then sanded the more attractive side smooth with 80-grit abrasive and placed the two pieces face side up on some brown paper to protect my bench from any drips of epoxy.

Two Cribbage Boards

Using a spatula, I carefully applied the epoxy to the areas I wanted to solidify, focusing on small checks.

Epoxy Applied

Then I waited for the epoxy to dry.

By the way, I shared my progress live on Twitter, using hashtag #FlairWW.  Follow me @FlairWoodworks.

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