End Grain Yew Cribbage Boards, Part 1

Earlier this week, I began work on a new cribbage board. The section of Pacific yew didn't look like much at first. I wanted to include this protrusion. And wanted to exclude this chainsaw cut. I screwed a straight piece of wood on to one end of the material and used a scrap of wood … Continue reading End Grain Yew Cribbage Boards, Part 1

Include or Exclude?

Power carving is unlike working with hand tools because you can remove wood without regard for grain direction or knots.  To me, this is liberating as I can focus on form. As I work, I constantly ask myself, "Do I want to save this section or obliterate it?  My sculpting approach is to simply remove … Continue reading Include or Exclude?

Featured in a New Book!

Last August, I got word of a call for submissions from Taunton Press for a new book on blanket chests.  A few years earlier, I had built a small chest with compound-tapered sides and a coopered top.  I had also forged the hardware myself, including the handles and strap hinges.  I completed it the night … Continue reading Featured in a New Book!