End Grain Yew Cribbage Boards, Part 1

Earlier this week, I began work on a new cribbage board. The section of Pacific yew didn't look like much at first. I wanted to include this protrusion. And wanted to exclude this chainsaw cut. I screwed a straight piece of wood on to one end of the material and used a scrap of wood … Continue reading End Grain Yew Cribbage Boards, Part 1

Include or Exclude?

Power carving is unlike working with hand tools because you can remove wood without regard for grain direction or knots.  To me, this is liberating as I can focus on form. As I work, I constantly ask myself, "Do I want to save this section or obliterate it?  My sculpting approach is to simply remove … Continue reading Include or Exclude?

Featured in a New Book!

Last August, I got word of a call for submissions from Taunton Press for a new book on blanket chests.  A few years earlier, I had built a small chest with compound-tapered sides and a coopered top.  I had also forged the hardware myself, including the handles and strap hinges.  I completed it the night … Continue reading Featured in a New Book!

All About Yew

Four same-sized off-cuts of Pacific yew just begged to be shown off. The amazing colour. The grain. Each piece was thin, long and narrow, restricting my options of what it could be used for. I have always found decorative boxes fascinating and there are really no rules when building one. Four pieces of spectacular wood … Continue reading All About Yew

Demilune Table

I just finished and delivered this demilune table (demilune means half-moon). It is made of Pacific yew and was custom-made to fit against a short wall has a strategically placed shelf above a cold air return duct and below the power outlet and phone jack. The most challenging part in the construction was making the … Continue reading Demilune Table