Featured in a New Book!

Last August, I got word of a call for submissions from Taunton Press for a new book on blanket chests.  A few years earlier, I had built a small chest with compound-tapered sides and a coopered top.  I had also forged the hardware myself, including the handles and strap hinges.  I completed it the night of the deadline and sent off my submission.

When I learned that my chest had made it through the first round of selection, I was asked to provide photos to their specifications and complete a questionaire.  As long as I was able to complete those two tasks by October 19, my box would make it into the book.  I asked a friend to help shoot the box and we spent one sunny afternoon taking the required shots.  It was difficult selecting the best few from the over one hundred photos we took.  I submitted the questionnaire along with the photos.

The book, Blanket Chests, authored by Peter Turner and Scott Gibson, is now available for pre-order from the Taunton Bookstore.  It will be available in stores March, 2011.

I am in the good company of 29 other fine woodworkers.  I’ve taken the list of chests and makers from the Taunton site and added links to the makers’ websites.

Waterfall Chest – Brian Sargent, New Hampshire
Bermudan Chest – Austin Kane Matheson, Maine
Red Leaf Chest – Michael Cullen, California
Plain and Simple – John McAlevy, Maine
A Chest for Life – Laura Mays, Ireland
Modern Lines – Libby Schrum, Maine
The Un-Chest – Robert Schultz, Wisconsin
Chest of Blankets – Richard Vaughan, Australia
Dogwood Blanket Chest – Craig Thibodeau, California
A Chest for Work – Terry Moore, New Hampshire
Little House – Peter Pierobon, British Columbia
Sea Chest – Mitch Ryerson, Massachusetts
A Boat Builder’s Chest – Ejler Hjorth-Westh, California
Flower Power – Brian Reid, Maine
Danika’s Chest – Ted Blachly, New Hampshire
Chest in the Round – Gregory Smith, California
Curly Cherry Classic – Charles Durfee, Maine
Celebrating Arts and Crafts – Darrell Peart, Washington
Alabama Man – J-P Vilkman, Finland
A Wedding Chest – Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, Massachusetts
Cabinetmaking Traditions – Bruce Eaton, New Hampshire
Pilgrim Century – David Stenstrom, Maine
Function Meets Elegance – Shona Kinniburgh, Scotland
Wood That Flows – Peter Turner, Maine
Treasure Chest – Chris Wong, Canada
Simply Proportions – Liza Wheeler, Maine
Box of Blue – Garrett Hack, Vermont
Chest as Storyteller – Jeffrey Cooper, New Hampshire
Unexpected Details – Carol Bass, Maine
A Pair of Oak Chests – Stephen Lamont, United Kingdom

If you can help me find links for Roberts Schultz, Bruce Eaton, David Stenstrom, Liza Wheeler, or Carol Bass, or if you have any corrections or broken links to report, you can contact me at Chris@FlairWoodworks.com

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