My Tripot: Final Cleanup

Fascinated with the form of the tripot, and interested to see what was involved in making one, I started my own. I couldn't think of a better way to understand and appreciate it than to make one myself. In my first two articles about making my tripot, I showed how I shaped most of the … Continue reading My Tripot: Final Cleanup

Defects Are Hints For Something Better

In all the creative work I have done with live-edge material, I have always looked at a cut section - where a limb was removed or the material cut to length - as a shortcoming. But recently, I had an epiphany. Like so many of my revelations, this one came while experimenting on a piece … Continue reading Defects Are Hints For Something Better

Woodworking On-the-Go with Modified Knives

Anytime I go somewhere and anticipate the possibility of having some free time, I like to have a knife with me to carve. My First Modified Carving Knife I started with a German #8 chip carving knife with a fixed blade. I modified the blade to extend the cutting edge right to the handle, and … Continue reading Woodworking On-the-Go with Modified Knives

Butternut – it Carves like Butter with a Hot Knife

The latest addition to my catalog of air-dried slabs for sale is butternut (Juglans cinerea). A relative to the highly sought-after black walnut, butternut shares the same grain patterns but the colour is lighter - similar to the shades of bigleaf maple (Acer macrophyllum). Butternut is also lighter in weight and softer than black walnut, making … Continue reading Butternut – it Carves like Butter with a Hot Knife

21st Century Writing Desk – Making the Top

Last week, I saw a picture of a roof top that resembled a wave. The roof prompted me to ponder the question: does a tabletop really need to be flat? Running with that notion, I carved this maple sample, dyed it black and waxed it to increase the sheen. I was really pleased with the sample, … Continue reading 21st Century Writing Desk – Making the Top

Ryousuke Ohtake – Spiny Lobster

Artist Name:  Ohtake Ryousuke Title:  Spiny Lobster Details:  circa 2014 - 31cm - Boxwood, "beard of whale" Why It's Notable: The form of the spiny lobster was impeccably replicated in boxwood. But the realistic appearance wasn't enough to get recognized as a Notable Inspiration. This was: the joints were carved so they move just like a real lobster would. This amazing video … Continue reading Ryousuke Ohtake – Spiny Lobster

On Team Flair: Grant McMillan

During the five years that I've been in business, I have made some great contacts, including local wood carver Grant McMillan. Recently, a customer bought a cribbage board (Cribbage Board #8, the last one available) from me and requested to have some letters carved in it. Since I am not particularly experienced with letter carving, … Continue reading On Team Flair: Grant McMillan

I Can Do That with Festool and Flair

Last week, I worked at the Coquitlam showroom of Lee Valley Tools Ltd. demonstrating the Festool power tools.  I was given a stack of pine and a set of plans for Megan Fitzpatrick's Shaker-inspired Step Stool which appeared in Popular Woodworking's column, I Can Do That.  Over the three days, I had time to build two stools. The design was … Continue reading I Can Do That with Festool and Flair

Table in a Tree

Last weekend, I met with some of my fellow Artwalk participants and showed them the yellow cedar chair that I'd built to hang in the tree outside The Bistro Gallery where I will be showing my work. They loved the concept and encouraged me to make another piece for a second tree.  So, that's what … Continue reading Table in a Tree