21st Century Writing Desk – Making the Top

Last week, I saw a picture of a roof top that resembled a wave.

House with wave roof by Jules Gregory
House with wave roof by Jules Gregory

The roof prompted me to ponder the question: does a tabletop really need to be flat? Running with that notion, I carved this maple sample, dyed it black and waxed it to increase the sheen.

Carved Sample

I was really pleased with the sample, (and so was everyone to whom I showed it) so I decided to use the carved pattern on a table top. I glued together two mahogany boards and began carving texture into the panel using a #7/10 gouge.

Carved Panel1

The surface felt so good under my fingertips.

Carved Panel2

After two-and-a-half hours of carving, I had completed the 12″ x 25″ panel. During that time I did a lot of thinking (and tweeting). I came up with the idea of calling it the 21st Century Writing Desk.

Carved Panel3

So, with the top done, my next step was to design a suitable base for it. I went to my computer and started playing with designs.

11 thoughts on “21st Century Writing Desk – Making the Top

  1. Really nice texture. Would be great in an entrace hall.
    But unless you only write on scratch pad, hand writing on a single sheet of paper needs a flat surface. One could use a desk blotter but it would hide the texture. For hand writing I would put a piece fo floating glass on it.
    But maybe 21st century writing desk means a printer stand …

    1. Hi Sylvain,

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

      I, too, can see it in an entryway. I feel that the surface needs to be in a place where people can experience it, and a desk is usually a little more private than a hall table.

      When I came up with the name, 21st Century Writing Desk, I was thinking of computers. Most of my writing (not note-taking) takes place at one, as is happening right now.


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