Developing a Product in a Day: it’s a Crap Chute

I get some ideas that feel crazy, but are intriguing enough that I want to pursue them. This is one of them. It started yesterday morning with a conversation with my wife. I don’t remember what exactly we were discussing, but I commented that it’s a crap shoot. It’s an expression that I’ve found myself … Continue reading Developing a Product in a Day: it’s a Crap Chute

Time for a Quick Update

When posts on my blog are infrequent it's usually a sign that I'm preoccupied with other tasks.  Here's some of what's keeping me busy. My exhibition at Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street, Port Moody) is being extended and there is no closing date set at this point.  I am spending Sundays at the gallery, and … Continue reading Time for a Quick Update

No Rest For The Weary

It seems that the idea of starting my business this year might just become a reality.  While my weekly hours at Lee Valley hover around 40, my shop hours are probably over 20.  On days where I work at Lee Valley, I spend little time in the shop as I am often too tired to … Continue reading No Rest For The Weary