Developing a Product in a Day: it’s a Crap Chute

I get some ideas that feel crazy, but are intriguing enough that I want to pursue them. This is one of them.

It started yesterday morning with a conversation with my wife. I don’t remember what exactly we were discussing, but I commented that it’s a crap shoot. It’s an expression that I’ve found myself using a lot this year, probably largely due to COVID-19.

After making that comment, I wondered if anybody had actually made a crap chute, and a quick internet search yielded some pictures of dog accessories and gambling tables but not what I was envisioning.

I spent the rest of the day designing the Crap Chute, exploring its viability, building a handful of prototypes, figuring out efficient processes and building jigs, sourcing necessary tools, materials, and packaging, taking and editing photos, establishing pricing and writing marketing copy. Here’s the result.

Succeeding in today’s marketplace can be a real challenge. If I had a nickel for every time somebody offered me a guaranteed formula for success, I’d be retired. I can do all the planning, research and testing, but in the end, there are still many things beyond my control that are unpredictable and can ultimately determine whether I succeed or fail. Like this Christmas season, in the midst of COVID-19. Will everybody go crazy buying stuff because it’s one of the few ways they can feel good and share their love? Or is everybody stretched thin and so concerned about the future that unnecessary spending will be cut?

Sometimes, it feels like the only safe strategy is to show the world what you’ve got and hope for everything but expect nothing. Maybe it’ll fly. Maybe it’ll stick. Maybe nobody will care.

And, on that note, I present the Crap Chute. There are no specifications, declaration of quality, guarantees or warranty. But it’s 2020, and what better way to end the year by buying a Crap Chute to remind you and your loved ones that we can’t control everything, nor should we try.

I’m accepting preorders now with shipping expected to start next week. $12 each, with $10 shipping anywhere in Canada and US, and free shipping for orders of 4 or more units. No guarantees of arrival time – it’s a Crap Chute. (I’m also trying to set up some local dealers – please email me if you’d like to be a distributor.)

The text has been edited into the photo. The actual products will be stamped with ink in the same font.

I would be delighted if you left a comment!

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