The Lights are Still On at Flair Woodworks

Not often does an entire week pass (let alone two!) without a new article here on my blog, but this month that happened. Let me assure that I am still here, and the lights are still on in my shop. In fact, I'm as busy as ever with a wide variety of projects. Cribbage Boards! There … Continue reading The Lights are Still On at Flair Woodworks

This is For Love

I spent the holidays with my family and friends, completely away from the shop. It was a really nice break and quite refreshing from the busy pace that two businesses and too-many-side-projects-to-count guarantees. Being around others reminded me that there are lots of ways to make a living, many of which require much less effort … Continue reading This is For Love

September Seminar Summary

Fundamentals of Hand Tool Joinery lived up to high expectations Yesterday, I taught my third seminar of the month at Lee Valley Tools Coquitlam - Fundamentals of Hand Tool Joinery.  Like the previous two (Jigs for the Bandsaw and Jigs for the Table Saw), this one was also sold out completely. We started with some … Continue reading September Seminar Summary

Done, Almost Done, and Hopefully Done Soon

Done:  Post for Popular Woodworking's Contributor's Blog The post, The Telephone Game - Woodworking Version, published June 25 was my first  for Popular Woodworking.  I've really enjoyed watching the table evolve and I hope that we are able to sign up more participants. One thing that I would like to emphasize to all participants is that you do … Continue reading Done, Almost Done, and Hopefully Done Soon

Time for a Quick Update

When posts on my blog are infrequent it's usually a sign that I'm preoccupied with other tasks.  Here's some of what's keeping me busy. My exhibition at Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street, Port Moody) is being extended and there is no closing date set at this point.  I am spending Sundays at the gallery, and … Continue reading Time for a Quick Update