This is For Love

I spent the holidays with my family and friends, completely away from the shop. It was a really nice break and quite refreshing from the busy pace that two businesses and too-many-side-projects-to-count guarantees. Being around others reminded me that there are lots of ways to make a living, many of which require much less effort and pay better. Even so, I am happy with what I am doing and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Here’s some of the notable things that are keeping me busy.

Chair with a Twist

This design is inspired by the twisted rear leg that I threw in when I built Reaper. This build, which is currently underway, is driven by a call for submissions by the Port Moody Art Gallery with a deadline of Monday, January 6. I have three days of work into the chair so far.

You can follow along with my live builds via Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook.

Chair with a Twist DryFit

Discovery: Air at Seymour Art Gallery

Sunday, I am off to the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver to deliver Wireframe Cabinet for their Discovery: Air exhibit, which runs from January 8 to February 1. The opening reception is Sunday, January 12 at 2pm.

Shop Stool Build-Off

While the build-off isn’t until January 25 and I already have my design worked out in my head, I still have my hands full promoting and organizing the event. Currently, I am working on securing prize sponsors for participants. Don’t forget to register!

Complicated Stool

If you need some help with or inspiration for your stool design, check out Jeremy’s Stool Design Guide listed in the links section at the bottom of this article.

Lee Valley Tools Seminars, Special Events, and More

In addition to Fridays on which I usually work at the front counter at Lee Valley Tools Coquitlam, I am also teaching three seminars this month and am scheduled to do an in-store demonstration mid-month. The three seminars are:

  1. Fundamentals of Hand Planes;
  2. Fundamentals of Hand Tool Joinery; and
  3. Fundamentals of Stringing and Inlay.

Port Moody Artist Groups

I am part of two projects featuring Port Moody artists.

One project, Hands That Shape Our Community by Inlet Artists is rolling along nicely and preparing for its first exhibit.

Hands That Shape Our Community

Kaboom! The Port Moody Art Explosion is still in the planning stage and we meet on a weekly basis.

#Woodchat on Air

Wednesdays, between 7 and 8pm, Matt Gradwohl, Scott Meek and I, can be found in front of a web cam and microphone hosting a live woodworking show about design and whatever else we (or you) want to discuss.

Scott and Jimmy

And There’s More!

While the items above are enough to keep me busy, there are many more day-to-day things that compete for my time. There are many other projects pending in my shop and designs to be developed, moulding planes to be built for Time Warp Tool Works, woodworkers who want private lessons, machines that need maintenance, and magazine and blog articles to write.

Oh, and I can’t forget spending time with my family and my amazing girlfriend, Jessica. After all, they are the ones who have to put up with me and my busy schedule. They also provide me with much-needed breaks from my work.

The title of this post was borrowed from this song by Nicole Atkins. 


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