Overflow, Part XVI

There are two different aprons I’m giving away this time.

Canadian Home Workshop Magazine Apron

I won this apron when I got my first piece of writing printed in a magazine.  I used it for about a year and it has glue stains to prove it.

There are three big (sawdust-collecting!) pockets at waist-level and one small chest pocket. The magazine’s logo is embroidered.

Canadian Home Workshop Apron2

Two adjustable straps go around your neck and waist.

Canadian Home Workshop Apron1

Lee Valley Apron

I got tired of wearing my first apron, but sometime later, decided to give aprons another chance.  I bought this apron from Lee Valley (Part #67K1006).

It has two large, side-access pockets near the waist and four smaller pockets on the chest.

LV Apron Front

This apron utilizes a cross-strap system to hold it to your body.

LV Apron Back

In the end, I decided that aprons were not for me. Instead, I just wear clothes I don’t mind getting dirty and dusty. Instead of using pockets, I just put things like my carpenter’s pencil and Magic Square down in areas that are kept free of clutter.

If you, unlike me, feel the need for a shop apron, this could be your chance!  Let me know which one you’d like (or if you’d be happy with either) by noon, Friday January 10. I will then draw a winner at random. Even if you don’t get this item, remember that there is still much more I want to give away.

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18 thoughts on “Overflow, Part XVI

    1. Tohner,

      I dislike the apron because, with it, I found that I was skilled at dropping my favourite double square from the top pocket. Do you wish to enter the draw for either apron?


      1. Chris,
        I understand about the irritation of the square falling out of the pocket I often carry pencils in my pocket without clips and every time I bend over out they come (slow learner) I would be happy to win either one. Thanks
        Keep truckin

  1. I usually only wear aprons while building cabinets and furniture when I need it for rags to wipe glue and dowels and such, but I ALWAYS wear one while staining or spraying/finishing.

  2. Definitely interested in the Lee Valley apron. Keep on keeping on!

    Thanks, Michael

    Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S®4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  3. I would like my name in for the Lee Valley apron I have had one in the past and like the lower pockets for a tape and a square

  4. Just stumbled onto your Blog and enjoy it very much. I would be interested in the Lee Valley apron.

  5. I would love to own either one of your aprons. It’s always a little cold in Toronto this time of year, so I always were one, but my old cotton one has bitten the dust last year, and didn’t get one for
    Christmas, what with losing power over the holidays.

  6. I just found your website, very nice furniture! And I need one of these aprons:-)
    Wonderful idea of yours!

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