Overflow XX

This is a nice, lightweight fret saw with a 12"-deep throat for increased cutting capacity. It is a German-made saw and can be purchased new from Lee Valley Tools Ltd. A pair of thumbscrews secure the standard 5" pin-less blades which are tensioned by the lightweight frame. Overall, I do like this saw, but not as much … Continue reading Overflow XX

Time for a Quick Update

When posts on my blog are infrequent it's usually a sign that I'm preoccupied with other tasks.  Here's some of what's keeping me busy. My exhibition at Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street, Port Moody) is being extended and there is no closing date set at this point.  I am spending Sundays at the gallery, and … Continue reading Time for a Quick Update

Overflow, Part XII

I kept this Drill Press Stand with the idea that it would help me accurately bore 3/4" holes for bench dogs.  Then, when I set out to drill them I realized that the drill only has 2 amps and that my larger drill could not be properly installed in the stand.  That meant that I … Continue reading Overflow, Part XII

Overflow, Part XI

Router bit sets with 30 assorted bits seem like a great deal and an affordable way to start your collection.  I'm sure that I'm not the only one who bought one of these sets.  They are good value if you look at the cost per bit.  However, the sets often come with moulding profile bits … Continue reading Overflow, Part XI

Overflow, Part IX

These pieces of Western maple are offcuts from my Tall Workbench with Flair.  They include some live edges, splits, worm holes, taper, and spalting.  They are unique.  There are seven pieces in all.  Approximate sizes are listed below. Thick stock, from front to back: 34" x 3-3/4" x 3" 34" x 3-3/4" x 2-1/4" 45" … Continue reading Overflow, Part IX

Overflow, Part VIII

You know that I, Chris Wong, make woodwork with much flair at Flair Woodworks.  However, you may not know that I also make fine woodworking tools at Time Warp Tool Works (read more about my role at Time Warp Tool Works). It is a well-known fact that quartersawn material (where growth rings run vertically along the end grain) is … Continue reading Overflow, Part VIII

Overflow, Part VII

I bought ten of these wine glass kits from Craft Supplies USA.  The stems were cut off so that all the maker had to do was turn the bottom half.  It seemed like a neat idea at the time, but I've somewhat lost interest in turning. If you would like these ten glasses, please leave … Continue reading Overflow, Part VII