Overflow, Part VIII

You know that I, Chris Wong, make woodwork with much flair at Flair Woodworks.  However, you may not know that I also make fine woodworking tools at Time Warp Tool Works (read more about my role at Time Warp Tool Works).

It is a well-known fact that quartersawn material (where growth rings run vertically along the end grain) is very stable and for that reason it is used extensively for Time Warp Tool Works projects, including Moulding Planes and Ash Bench Dogs.  When selecting stock for bench dogs, I always notice that some ash doesn’t look as exquisite as other ash.  The best ash is tight- and fine-grained and quartersawn.  Ash with curvy, figured grain or that is flatsawn (where growth rings run horizontally along the end grain) is not as desirable when long-term stability is a primary concern.

Fine and Purdy Flatsawn Ash

Up for grabs are a total of 14 pieces of kiln-dried, flatsawn ash, each 7/8″ square and 8′ long.  (I can cut them shorter if you prefer smaller pieces of ash for mailing; what you do with the ash once you get your hands on it is up to you!)  Each piece of ash is perfect (free of defects) and needs love and attention that I cannot provide.  I am giving it all away as one package so that I don’t end up with a stick of my ash.

If you would like for this lovely ash to be all yours, please leave a comment below indicating your interest before April 2.  I will then draw the name of a lucky ash-grabber at random.  Even if you don’t get this trunk-load of ash, remember that there is MUCH MORE that I want to give away.

I am also giving away FLATSAWN CHERRY, 1-1/2” X 1-1/2” IN VARIOUS LENGTHS in Overflow, Part VIII.5.

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