Maple Trestle Table, Session 2 – Playing with Slabs

On the morning of Sunday, April 15th, Morton and I exchanged ideas about trestle tables, spurred on by a recent sketch of a table on which he was working.  That got me yearning to build a trestle table. I documented my progress live on Twitter which was useful because each update had a time stamp so followers could … Continue reading Maple Trestle Table, Session 2 – Playing with Slabs

Overflow, Part VII

I bought ten of these wine glass kits from Craft Supplies USA.  The stems were cut off so that all the maker had to do was turn the bottom half.  It seemed like a neat idea at the time, but I've somewhat lost interest in turning. If you would like these ten glasses, please leave … Continue reading Overflow, Part VII

Jon Siegel – Elliptori

Artist Name:  Jon Siegel Title:  Elliptori Details:  circa 2001 - mahogany, glass 56" wide x 26" deep x 16"tall Why It's Notable: I like the design, but to me, what is most notable is the process used to make the base.  Instead of laminating the rough shape, then refining it with carving tools, planes, and sanders, Jon Siegel took another … Continue reading Jon Siegel – Elliptori

Rota Lab & Arte Stenico – Carmela

Artist Name:  Rota-Lab and Arte Stenico Title:  Carmela Details:  circa 2011  -  Wrought iron, wood, glass Why It's Notable: I think this table represents a terrific blend of the three mediums most often used in furniture (metal, wood and glass) - neither one is dominant over the others.  Each material excels at what it is asked to do. … Continue reading Rota Lab & Arte Stenico – Carmela

The Evolution of Sharpening

When I started woodworking six or seven years ago, all my tools were usually dull.  I sharpened them will a mill file.  Yes a mill file.  I clamped the tool in my metal working vise and went at it.  Maybe that was a blessing because I learned to sharpen with a steady hand.  Anyhow, the … Continue reading The Evolution of Sharpening