Rota Lab & Arte Stenico – Carmela

Artist Name:  Rota-Lab and Arte Stenico
Title:  Carmela
Details:  circa 2011  –  Wrought iron, wood, glass

Why It’s Notable:

I think this table represents a terrific blend of the three mediums most often used in furniture (metal, wood and glass) – neither one is dominant over the others.  Each material excels at what it is asked to do.  The design feels very open and light and is well balanced, visually.

4 thoughts on “Rota Lab & Arte Stenico – Carmela

  1. Very nice Chris. Version 2… stainless member more stream lined and a dark wood like Acacia stenophylla? The piece is so modern, and the iron is real juxtaposition, wheather intended or not. Stainless would be more in keeping?

    1. Morgan,

      I like the wrought iron. I like the contrast of textures – the coarse iron and smooth glass. I also like the contrast betwee the dark iron and dark edge of the glass top against the light tones of the wood.

      Stainless steel and a dark wood would make the piece look more modern, but also seem heavier.

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