Stool with Sculpted Seat

This project actually started over eight years ago, but in a very different form. While down in California working a trade show for Lee Valley, the crew and I made a detour to Sam Maloof’s house in Alta Loma. We got a very inspirational tour of the very unique house which he had built for … Continue reading Stool with Sculpted Seat

Jon Siegel – Elliptori

Artist Name:  Jon Siegel Title:  Elliptori Details:  circa 2001 - mahogany, glass 56" wide x 26" deep x 16"tall Why It's Notable: I like the design, but to me, what is most notable is the process used to make the base.  Instead of laminating the rough shape, then refining it with carving tools, planes, and sanders, Jon Siegel took another … Continue reading Jon Siegel – Elliptori

Table with a Twist

Perhaps you remember this table I built a year ago. It was a really interesting project and it generated a lot of feedback, both positive and negative.  Most viewers liked the proportions as well as the twisted legs.  Some liked the contrast between maple and black walnut.  Many disliked the top, saying that it reminded … Continue reading Table with a Twist

Shell Box

At the beginning of October, I created a box whose design I absolutely adored. The proportions, the grain, the style... everything. It was also a fun box to build and simple in some regards, but quite challenging in others. I proudly showed my latest and greatest creation around and decided to go forward and begin … Continue reading Shell Box