Table with a Twist

Perhaps you remember this table I built a year ago.

It was a really interesting project and it generated a lot of feedback, both positive and negative.  Most viewers liked the proportions as well as the twisted legs.  Some liked the contrast between maple and black walnut.  Many disliked the top, saying that it reminded them of flooring.

Anyways, it was a good starting point for me when I revisited the concept and created Version 2.  Looking back at Version 1, I took what worked and discarded what didn’t really work.  And I added a few other twists too (pun intended).  The twisted legs were staying for sure.  I used a piece of maple for the top exhibiting some beautiful figure.

Though I liked the curved front apron I had used in Version 1, I decided to experiment with twisted aprons.  I made a few different samples and decided on one that I liked – a 1/4 twist.

6 thoughts on “Table with a Twist

  1. By far and away my favorite piece of yours Chris. This piece is perfect, and I would love to be so fortunate as to own one.

  2. I am now convinced you are plain twisted, Chris :)

    I wasn’t following your blog when v1 came out and I agree that the top looks like flooring. I would be compelled to pitch a bowling ball on it.

    But… v2 is very nice. I like the top edge bevel on the top and the twisted craziness is very visually interesting without a lot of bling.

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