Regeneration: Fine Woodworkers Under 30 – List of Entries

The beginning of April marked the cut-off date for submissions for the exhibit “Regeneration: Fine Woodworkers Under 30” being held at the Mesler Gallery in Rockport, Maine from September 16 until November 22, 2011.  I submitted one piece and am now waiting, along with another 184 hopeful contributors, to see if our piece made the cut.  Approximately 20 pieces will ultimately be chosen.

If you have a Facebook Account, you can see the entries and vote for the People’s Choice by going to the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship page.  There is a handy search feature that will let you search by maker (for example, Chris Wong).  Browse the entries, get inspired, and vote for up to 20 of your favourite pieces.

2 thoughts on “Regeneration: Fine Woodworkers Under 30 – List of Entries

  1. Good luck!

    Of course, if your piece is chosen, it isn’t really luck.

    “I wasn’t lucky. I deserved it.”

    Margaret Thatcher

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