Overflow, Part XI

Router bit sets with 30 assorted bits seem like a great deal and an affordable way to start your collection.  I’m sure that I’m not the only one who bought one of these sets.  They are good value if you look at the cost per bit.  However, the sets often come with moulding profile bits that are quite specific – ones that I never use.  If the bits in the photos don’t look entirely covered in dust, it’s only because I rubbed it off when I put them in the bit holder for the photo.

These seven bits are Dimar/WoodPecker three-flute, carbide-tipped bits with 1/2″ shanks.  They have never seen a router collet.  Here’s a link to their description of the bit set in PDF format.  I’ll include the awkward-to-use Lee Valley bit holder, if you like (it might make shipping more expensive).

Here are some detail pictures of the router bits and profiles.  Bonus points if you can name them all.

#1, 2, and 3 Ogee Bits
#4, 5, and 6 bits.  Oh, gee. More bits.
#7.  This is a special type of cove bit. It’s classic(al).

Okay, here’s the deal.

If you would like these bits, please leave a comment below indicating your interest by 2 am of November 8.  You get a bonus entry if you can successfully identify the seven bits using Dimar’s Profile Chart and the numbers in the photo captions.  For example:

I’ve identified the bits as follows:

1. Dovetail bit;
2. Panel-raising bit;
3. Slot-cutting bit;
4. You get the idea…

I will then draw a winner at random.  Even if you don’t get this item, remember that there is still much more I want to give away.

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Review the details of the Overflow program.

14 thoughts on “Overflow, Part XI

  1. hey cool i like the stand they sit in. was just thinking i need to order some bits as my router set is prity dull.

  2. Yes, the stand is very nice. I haven’t seen one like that before but I like the idea that the holders move back and forth for different size bits. If I don’t win, I will have to look these up and order a couple. Okay, now for trying to name the bits:
    1. R 5/32″ Roman Ogee
    2. R 5/32 Ogee
    3. R 1/4″ Roman Ogee
    4. R 1/8″ Double Roman
    5. R 3/16″ Double Roman
    6. R 5/32″ Ogee Fillet
    7. R 3/8″ Classical Cove

    1. Joel,

      I find that there is too much resistance to get bits in and out. I have a hard enough time with these which have a nice shoulder, let alone a straight bit. Also, I don’t like the possibility of them sliding into each other – I like to carry my bit holders around the shop.


  3. I could use these as I finally bought a 1/2″ router and need some bits for it.
    My guess as to the bits is:
    #1 R=5/32 Roman Ogee
    #2 R=5/32 Ogee
    #3 R=1/4 Roman Ogee
    #4 R=1/8 Double Roman
    #5 R=3/16 Double Roman
    #6 R=5/32 Ogee Fillet
    #7 R=3/8 Classical Cove

  4. I would like to throw my hat in the ring… or bag… whatever :-)

    and in keeping with the popular opinion:
    1) 5/32″r Roman Ogee
    2) 5/32″r Oh-gee
    3) 1/4″r Roman Ogee
    4) 1/8″r Double Roman
    5) 3/16″r Double Roman
    6) 5/32″r Ogee Fillet
    7) 3/8″r Classic(al) Cove

  5. I haven’t bought any fancy bits for my router yet…so these would be great to play with…

    I’ve identified the bits as follows:
    1. R 5/32 Roman Ogee
    2. R 5/32 Ogee
    3. R 1/4 Roman Ogee
    4. R 1/8 Double Roman
    5. R 3/16 Double Roman
    6. R 5/32 Ogee Fillet
    7. R 3/8 Classical Cove

    Thank you kindly for the chance

  6. I’ll try and win :)

    The Cenus is:
    1. R 5/32 Roman Ogee
    2. R 5/32 Ogee
    3. R 8/32 Roman Ogee
    4. R 4/32 Double Roman
    5. R 6/32 Double Roman
    6. R 5/32 Ogee Fillet
    7. R 12/32 Classical Cove

  7. Yes would like to take a shot at these also…. have a router table with just a couple of bits these would be great to try! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Hey Chris, thanks for the opportunity.
    1. R 5/32″ Roman Ogee. 2. R 5/32 Ogee 3. R 1/4″ Roman Ogee 4. R 1/8″ Double Roman
    5. R 3/16″ Double Roman 6. R 5/32″ Ogee Fillet 7. R 3/8″ Classical Cove


  9. Still slowly building up my bit collection…I started off with a small set of 3 Skil bits, and bought a couple straight bits for specific projects. Your “overflow” project is a neat idea.

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