Overflow is Back!

What is Overflow?

Almost a year ago, I started my Overflow program to give away woodworking stuff I no longer used to followers of my blog.  It was going strong for a while and I gave away a lot of good stuff including a:

I had given away nine lots before I stopped tripping over things I no longer used.

How Does Overflow Work?

Right now, my big project is cleaning my shop and you can bet your last dollar that I’m unearthing some stuff I haven’t seen (or used) for years.  Want a chance to win some of it? Here’s how it works:

  1. I will post a picture and brief description of the item or group of items up for grabs. There will be some wood, hand tools, power tools, accessories, random shop stuff, and even a clamp or two.  Most tools will be in good-to-excellent shape;
  2. Comment if you want it!  I suggest you subscribe to this blog so you get notified when I post something.  If you want the item(s), leave a comment on that particular post and let me know if you can pick it up or if you need it shipped.  (I will ship once my PayPal account is happy.); then
  3. When the deadline to enter has passed, I will submit the names of those interested into a Random Chooser and let the program draw a winner.  I will announce the winner in the comments section of the Overflow post on my blog and contact them to arrange a pick-up time or shipping details. If the first person chosen changes their mind, the Random Chooser will select another name.

Why am I doing this?

I’m giving stuff away because I would rather help some fellow woodworkers than try to sell it.  This is less hassle and more rewarding.  I enjoy interacting with my readers and helping others get further in their woodworking.

I would love to see more subscribers to my blog.  Besides having awesome giveaways of quality stuff, I do some pretty cool woodwork, wouldn’t you agree?  Please subscribe to my blog using the widget at the bottom of any page or in the right-hand column of my main blog page.  You’ll receive notice of what I’m putting up for grabs as well as when I publish a regular blog post.

The ultimate purpose of Overflow is to get this stuff out of my shop (and into yours), so please, tell your friends.

8 thoughts on “Overflow is Back!

    1. Martin,

      Not to encourage you, but sawdust is great for cleaning up liquid spills and I’ve used it for just that on multiple occasions. First item up for grabs.. a box of sawdust! Just kidding.


  1. Good idea. I cannot say that I have a ton of woodworking tools. But I do the same that you do and give away what I don’t use. I have a large amount of electrical and mechanics tools from my former and current job. I often bring the old ones to good will. Nice post

    1. Paul-Marcel,

      No – the Bridge City SD-6 Spider Divider didn’t make it into the Overflow box. The only spiders in the box are the eight-legged variety (and no black widows with a poor sense of direction).


  2. try using different colored sawdust for inlay just cut out a image and then go to town filling it with paduke or walnut then you can have a red or black line through a oak project.

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