Black Locust Wall Table, Part III: Testing Blind Mounting Hardware

In Part I and Part II, I built this prototype table which was to be mounted on a wall.

The next step in the design and construction of the table was to install hardware that would allow it to be mounted to a wall.

The simplest way to attach the table would have been a pair of big lag bolts right through the table’s upright into a stud in the wall.  It would have been very secure but hardly elegant.  In a piece of a different style, lag bolts might have looked right at home but not with this table.

I needed something discreet – something that would be completely concealed when installed.  I tried three different mounting systems before finding one that I liked and documented my experimentation in the following video.  (Duration – 3:49)

10 thoughts on “Black Locust Wall Table, Part III: Testing Blind Mounting Hardware

  1. Well done! Like others have said, I am anxious to see the finished product. You have inspired me to make something similar here.

    BTW, hair looks good. :-)


  2. After watching your video experimentation, I was wondering if installing 2 of the first two tries (parallel to each other) would have taken out the lateral movement? Thinking out loud, won’t the single tapered one exhibit the same problem with seasonal movement?

    • I had considered installing two of the mortised bedlocks. However it would be very difficult to fasten both halves into a single stud in the wall. The wooden sliding dovetail may have loosened slightly with seasonal movement but, if tapered, would only require downwards pressure to make tight again.


    • Hi Mike,

      Since the hardware is so simple to install on the wall, I think I can just provide a formula of where to place the top screw. Something like: determine how high you would like the table top to be and subtract 10 inches to determine the location of the top of the bracket.


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