Overflow, Part I

The first item I want out of my shop is orange and grey and symmetrical.  It has both round and straight elements and is compact, easy to move around and a cable is a critical part of its operation.  No, it’s not my Bridge City Tool Works Centerscribe (CS-2).  This is a tool that I cannot believe I waited so long to purchase.  It is very convenient and saves me a lot of time.

CS-2 Centerscribe from Bridge City Tool Works (NOT UP FOR GRABS!)


What I’m offering to you for a total of $0 (plus shipping if you can’t pick it up) is a portable air cleaner made by Ridgid (model AF21000).  The label says that it was made in Mexico, runs on 120V power and draws 1.17 amps.  It has two speeds and is operated by the pull chain (with string extension).  An indicator light lets you know it’s running in case you can’t tell.  This unit has very little use – I doubt that I’ve run it for ten hours.  It is basically new and is remarkably dust free.  Here are some pictures (click to enlarge).

So who wants it?  First commenter gets it.  Remember, even if you’re not the first, you should comment anyways in case the commenters before you change their minds.  Even if you don’t get this one, remember that this is only the first of MANY things I want to give away.

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11 thoughts on “Overflow, Part I

  1. So, Kenny, you need an air filter? I realised as soon as I posted it some would not read carefully (because they’re in a RUSH!) and think they’re getting the Centerscribe.

    Are you going to come pick up the air filter or do you need a shipping quote? (I have to ask.)

  2. I don’t really need your air filter, but you did say there may be other things if a comment is left:)
    Thank you in advance for your generosity.
    Just in case.
    by the way, I do enjoy your site.

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thank you for the comments. I appreciate them.

      You can leave a comment here if you are interested in the item. If you are not interested in the above item, you don’t need to comment (there are no consolation prizes).

      However, there will be many more postings like this one for different things kicking around my shop. Stay tuned!


  3. Chris! Your efforts in restoring our faith in the goodness of humanity will not pass unnoticed! Yours has been an enjoyable site for as long as I’ve viewed it…. your give-away merely reinforces the impression!
    best of the holiday season to you and yours….. rob

    p.s., can’t remember a time I used the word “yours” so many times!

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