Overflow, Part II


Six pieces of spalted maple weighing roughly 16 lbs total.

I’ve been hanging on to these six pieces of spalted maple because they have too much potential to toss in the firewood bin.  But I’m not sure I’ll ever find a use for them.  Each has one live edge that is free of bark.  The six specimens have varying degrees of spalting – the one on the right is very light in weight.  I would recommend using this wood for anything structural.

The following three pictures show the two faces and live edge of the maple.  The 24″ aluminum rule is in the picture for scale.

Spalted Maple Face 1
Spalted Maple Face 2
Spalted Maple Live Edge

So who wants some maple?  First commenter gets it.  Remember, even if you’re not the first, you should comment anyways in case those commenting before you change their minds.  Even if you don’t get this one, remember that this is only the first of MANY things I want to give away.

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16 thoughts on “Overflow, Part II

  1. I am all for it, big fan of spalted maple. Actually building a small cabinet with a spalted door right now.

  2. Wow. I was really hoping that you guys would see the potential in this wood and you have not let me down! Two quick responses in the same minute, but Paul edged out Ryan. Paul, I’ll be sending you an e-mail to work out the details of getting the maple to you. If for some reason Paul is unable to receive the maple, I’ll move on down the list.

    In case anybody was concerned, comments are listed by time submitted. They are not alphabetical within the same minute. According the the e-mail notifications I received, Paul commented at 07:10:31 and Ryan commented 27 seconds later. Competition is stiff!

    Thanks for helping me clean shop!


  3. Hey Paul, wanna split it? :D
    I’d say for something like this definitely keep it all together Chris. And thanks for the generosity!


    1. Hi Johan,

      Great to see a local here (for those unfamiliar with the area, Coquitlam borders Port Moody). There will be more stuff to be given away, so watch your inbox.


  4. I am a believer in sharing…I’d say if a lot is big enough to be split so more people can benefit, it should be split. E.g., in this lot, the woods could have been grouped into two so the first two “bidders” could get some of the woods. Six different packs for six persons, however, would mean too much work for you and too little wood for some of them.

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