Overflow, Part IV


I have two identical saw sets and this one is a little grungier.  It still works fine.

To use the saw set, loosen the lock knob, rotate the round anvil until the number representing the TPI of the saw is at the top and tighten the knob.  Then position the set over the saw blade, lined up with the tooth you are setting, and squeeze the handles.  Set every other tooth, then turn the saw around and set the remaining teeth in the other direction.

If you need such a saw set, leave a comment below, indicating your interest before midnight of January 17.  I will then draw a winner at random.  Even if you don’t get this saw set, remember that this is only one of the MANY things I want to give away.

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24 thoughts on “Overflow, Part IV

  1. I would very much like the saw set. I have one for smaller teeth, 12 tpi and higher but I need one for larger teeth. Thanks!

  2. I’m moving towards hand tools and bought some disston saws. I still need to sharpen them and this will come in handy to set them.

  3. I’m in. Just got my first “real” saw (a Disston from BadAxe) and am naturally becoming more interested in setting, sharpening, etc.

  4. Thanks for tutorial of how to use the saw set I always wondered how these worked. I would love to have one. I have several old saw now that I need to tune and sharpen. Now to figure out how to sharpen them.

    I just acquired a few old saws from a garage sale that need sharpening. I have the files and I made a saw vise to sharpen them but I do not have a saw set. I am hoping that I win this fine tool from your overflow collection so that I can have sharp saws!Thank you for the tutorial on using the set.

  6. Hello Chris, I have recently acquired several old Disston hand saws and am eager to sharpen them and turn them into users. I could really use the saw set. Thanks!

  7. Very nice tool, would love to have it.
    Do you want my mailing address now. lol
    Take care and very good work

    1. Sorry, Jacques, but nice try! I chose the winner at midnight. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to be notified when I add a new post so you enter before the deadline.


  8. I bought a box of random tools a few months back at an auction, and it had one of these in it. Up until today I had no clue what this thing was. Ha!

    1. Hi Trevor,

      The deadline for this giveaway has passed, but if you subscribe to my blog using the form at the bottom of this page, you’ll be notified whenever I add a new post, including Overflow!


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