Overflow XX

This is a nice, lightweight fret saw with a 12″-deep throat for increased cutting capacity. It is a German-made saw and can be purchased new from Lee Valley Tools Ltd.


A pair of thumbscrews secure the standard 5″ pin-less blades which are tensioned by the lightweight frame.


Overall, I do like this saw, but not as much as my fantastic Knew Concepts saws.

If you would like this saw, please leave a comment below with a brief description of the first project you would like to make with it. You may enter until the end of Thursday, January 22. I will then draw a winner at random. Even if you don’t get this saw, remember that there is still much more I want to give away.

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Review the details of the Overflow program.

12 thoughts on “Overflow XX

  1. Hi Chris,

    I am very new to woodworking and I am in the process of building a workbench to get started. I inherited a couple of panel saws from my grandfather and have a basic set of measuring tools and chisels, but otherwise my tool stock is pretty sparse. I’m a teacher and don’t have a lot of extra spending money for tools and I am trying to make do with what I have. I would love to have the chance to gather quality woodworking tools inexpensively and I very much appreciate your generosity to help out fellow (and new) woodworkers.

    I am mostly focused on my bench right now, but I hope to be building furniture pieces using hand tools only. I have to share my workspace with my wife in our laundry room and there is no option to be using machines. I could see myself using this saw to help cut out the waste from dovetails and to help with shaping wood. (I could have used it on my bench’s legs, but I managed a different way!)

    Thanks again for your generosity and I look forward to seeing your future work!


    Dan from Prince George, BC

      1. I would love to teach woodworking, but I don’t have the shop/trade experience. I teach in an elementary school. Thanks for asking!


  2. I would love this. It would be very handy helping me cut the double dovetails for the end caps on the work bench I am building.

    1. Congratulations, Josh! You’re the winner of the fret saw. I’ve already got your mailing address, so I’ll work on getting you a shipping price for the saw and the bent picks from the Bulk Overflow.


  3. I stumbled upon your site while reading posts on Unplugged Shop and I think what your doing is very generous. I started woodworking with hand tools a little over a year ago. My “shop” is actually the small dining room in my house so power tools weren’t an option, and honestly I wanted to use hand tools regardless of the space. I’ve been learning on my own and because I’m on a very limited, almost non-existent budget, I’ve had to buy old tools only and take the time to restore them. About half my shop time is spent restoring and tuning old tools, but the few tools I have are now very good users. I’ve been building mostly small, simple furniture pieces, and I also build various types of cat scratchers and furniture for my own kitties and to donate to small animal shelters and rescue organizations. (My wife helps out by wrapping hundreds of feet of rope around the cat scratchers.) If I were to win your fret saw I would definitely use it to remove waste from dovetails. I haven’t done dovetail joints yet, but I plan to start practicing next week so I can build a beautiful box for my wife’s birthday in March. Also I would use it for some intricate fretwork I would like to add to some of my feline projects. My coping saw sometimes seems to big for some of the details I’d like to add. Thanks again for your be generosity, and I did subscribe to your blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. I would use the saw to help my son make some cutout shapes to help teach his younger brother shapes and some animals as well. thanks for the opportunity

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