Done, Almost Done, and Hopefully Done Soon

Done:  Post for Popular Woodworking’s Contributor’s Blog

The post, The Telephone Game – Woodworking Version, published June 25 was my first  for Popular Woodworking.  I’ve really enjoyed watching the table evolve and I hope that we are able to sign up more participants.

One thing that I would like to emphasize to all participants is that you do not need to use a computer program – you just need to be able to communicate your ideas.  Each participant gets one week to modify last week’s design and, currently, the next available slot is in the second half of August.  If you would like to sign up, let me know in the comments section.

Almost Done:  Commissioned Elm Table Top

Earlier this month, I began work on an elm table top for a local couple moving into a new home.  They wanted a really unique, characterful top for a set of metal legs and came to me for help.  Last week I flattened the top and worked to fill the voids with clear epoxy resin.  I started finishing it earlier this week.

Elm Table Top

Hopefully Done Soon:  New Work for Port Moody’s Celebration of Wood Woodfair

Lately, all my time has gone towards the elm table top so I haven’t got very far with this task.

I hope to have a few new pieces for the show, which is coming up very quickly!  I have no idea what these new pieces will be, but there is a chance that a Tweet-Along will be involved.  (Click here to browse my past Tweet-Alongs.)

Poster Final

Done-O (as in, “Dunno”)

Last week, while searching my shop for some dark wood to use as dovetail keys in the elm table top, I found this piece of material in the corner of my shop.


It’s a 12 x 6 x 1 inch piece of material that weighs 4 pounds.  It is extremely dense, hard and abrasive to plane blades.  This is what the edge looks like, planed.  Any ideas what it is?

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