A Day of Infinite Frustration, but Success in the End

My primary task on Monday was to build a sample project for a seminar I'm teaching later this month called Make an Infinity Mirror Clock. Despite a number of unexpected complications, one miscalculation, a few mistakes, and a spring clamp launching itself right past my ear (wear eye protection when using clamps!), I got the clock … Continue reading A Day of Infinite Frustration, but Success in the End

Art Frame: The Frame is the Focal Point

While exhibiting my work at Port Moody's 2013 Art Walk I had some interesting discussions with other artists. One of them got me thinking about flatwork (2D art), and the frames in which it is sometimes shown. These pieces of art are the focus of attention and sometimes, a frame that compliments without detracting, is used to … Continue reading Art Frame: The Frame is the Focal Point

Insanity 2

Insanity 2 is the working name for my latest speculative project.  As with most, I'm designing it as I go and using the materials as my primary inspiration. Every project starts with an inspiration This piece of ash was the inspiration.  It's been sitting in my shop for years waiting for me to do something … Continue reading Insanity 2

Wire-Brushed Picture Frame, Session 2

 On July 3rd, I started making a picture frame for a photo.  If you missed it, read Session 1 here. FlairWoodworks I'm back in the shop to finish the picture frame I started yesterday. The glue has set so I've removed the frame from the clamps. #flairww -1:41 PM Jul 4th, 2012 FlairWoodworks The corners look stellar. #flairww -1:42 PM Jul … Continue reading Wire-Brushed Picture Frame, Session 2

Wire-Brushed Picture Frame, Session 1

On a sunny day in May, I found myself strolling along the pier at Port Moody's Rocky Point Park.  Looking across the Eastern-most point of the Burrard Inlet, (part of the Pacific Ocean), I saw a guitarist standing on a rock as gentle waves lapped against it.  I took a picture.Most pictures that I have … Continue reading Wire-Brushed Picture Frame, Session 1