Wire-Brushed Picture Frame, Session 2

 On July 3rd, I started making a picture frame for a photo.  If you missed it, read Session 1 here. FlairWoodworks I'm back in the shop to finish the picture frame I started yesterday. The glue has set so I've removed the frame from the clamps. #flairww -1:41 PM Jul 4th, 2012 FlairWoodworks The corners look stellar. #flairww -1:42 PM Jul … Continue reading Wire-Brushed Picture Frame, Session 2

A Floor Covering is Easier on the Feet

This is the second article in a series about reorganizing my benchroom (my shop is divided into two sides; my machinery resides in the other half).  You can read the first article HERE. It was fifteen months ago that I last reorganized my benchroom.  Before reading this article, you may want to review what it … Continue reading A Floor Covering is Easier on the Feet