Welcome to the New Shop

Since moving three months ago, I have settled nicely into the new shop that is a one-car garage. Here are some panoramic pictures to give you a feel for the space. Click to view full-size. All the machines are more or less permanently positioned, and the overhead door is not used (it was last opened … Continue reading Welcome to the New Shop

January 2013 Machine Shop Tour

I recently sold my thickness sander because I rarely used it and it was taking up valuable space (it was bought for one specific project a few years ago).  I haven't taken pictures of my machine shop since 2009 when it looked much different so I figured that now would be a good time. These first … Continue reading January 2013 Machine Shop Tour

A Floor Covering is Easier on the Feet

This is the second article in a series about reorganizing my benchroom (my shop is divided into two sides; my machinery resides in the other half).  You can read the first article HERE. It was fifteen months ago that I last reorganized my benchroom.  Before reading this article, you may want to review what it … Continue reading A Floor Covering is Easier on the Feet