Welcome to the New Shop

Since moving three months ago, I have settled nicely into the new shop that is a one-car garage. Here are some panoramic pictures to give you a feel for the space. Click to view full-size. All the machines are more or less permanently positioned, and the overhead door is not used (it was last opened … Continue reading Welcome to the New Shop

January 2013 Machine Shop Tour

I recently sold my thickness sander because I rarely used it and it was taking up valuable space (it was bought for one specific project a few years ago).  I haven't taken pictures of my machine shop since 2009 when it looked much different so I figured that now would be a good time. These first … Continue reading January 2013 Machine Shop Tour

Bench Room Reorganization

I spend at least 75% of my time in the workshop in my bench room, the rest of my time either in the adjacent machine shop or outside in the yard either turning or power carving. Of the time spend in my bench room, probably 90% of that time is spent in one area about … Continue reading Bench Room Reorganization