A Day of Infinite Frustration, but Success in the End

My primary task on Monday was to build a sample project for a seminar I’m teaching later this month called Make an Infinity Mirror Clock.

Despite a number of unexpected complications, one miscalculation, a few mistakes, and a spring clamp launching itself right past my ear (wear eye protection when using clamps!), I got the clock finished and photographed in one day. I was happy about that.

Infinity Mirror Clock

The design relies on LED tape lighting and a special set of mirrors to create the illusion of infinite depth. Its actual depth is only 1.5″.

I will be leading a class through the process of making one of these Saturday, March 22nd at Lee Valley Coquitlam. You can find more information on the class on the page linked at the bottom of this article.


3 thoughts on “A Day of Infinite Frustration, but Success in the End

  1. Gorgeous piece, Chris! Lots of variations for different visual effects, like inlays, router or hand carvings and frame shapes give a lot of possibilities for many people’s tastes.

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