Art Frame: The Frame is the Focal Point

While exhibiting my work at Port Moody’s 2013 Art Walk I had some interesting discussions with other artists. One of them got me thinking about flatwork (2D art), and the frames in which it is sometimes shown. These pieces of art are the focus of attention and sometimes, a frame that compliments without detracting, is used to display the art.

But why? Why does the piece of art in the centre have to be the main attraction? Why can’t the frame be the primary piece of artwork and the picture be secondary? I built this piece, titled Art Frame, to explore that concept.

Art Frame is a carefully designed and executed design made of ash. I chose the materials based on the grain and colours exhibited.

Ash Frame

I joined the four pieces of ash with bold half-lap joints and added diminishing bevels on the inside and outside edges.

Ash Frame Detail

This is part of a series of art pieces that I have been thinking about for the past months. The idea is to make items that coexist and shift the focus from one to the other, and I have at least another half-dozen ideas. So far, this is the only one that I’ve created.

Art Frame is available for purchase. Learn more on the product page.


One thought on “Art Frame: The Frame is the Focal Point

  1. I really like your idea of shifting focus. For some reason I kept thinking of Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain because to me he was placing an everyday object in an art exhibition to see if context could make it art…at least how I saw it. Thanks for another thought provoking post.

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