Reassessing and Looking for Ways to Improve

My favourite screwdriver is a ratcheting one by Rolgear. Years ago, I replaced the stock double-ended bits with an assortment of 3" single-ended bits. Multi-bit screwdrivers like this one are very handy, as they hold 7 screwdriver bits and have a 1/4" hex drive socket which can be useful for sheet metal screws. However, if … Continue reading Reassessing and Looking for Ways to Improve

Making a More Efficient Screwdriver

I have always been a little obsessed with screwdrivers. Maybe it’s because I like using screws so much - for their adjustability, holding power, and reversability. In my shop, fasteners are organized in clear plastic divier boxes, each of which holds between 3 and 8 different varieties. I have one dedicated to nails, 10 devoted … Continue reading Making a More Efficient Screwdriver

Hole Boring Bits with a 1/4″ Hex Drive

The Vancouver area is a great place to be a woodworker. There are literally dozens of quality lumber suppliers, a handful of big box stores, a scattering of specialty woodworking stores, and even toolmaking companies. One of those toolmaking companies is MEGAPRO, which specializes in making screwdrivers and bits, including three very unique bits - … Continue reading Hole Boring Bits with a 1/4″ Hex Drive

Christmas Recap, Part I

Well, I must say that I had a great time over the past few days.  I hope that you did too. On the morning of December 24, we travelled to Naramata, a 5.5 hour drive.  There, we enjoyed a great dinner with my aunt, her family and company.  We stayed up late to open gifts … Continue reading Christmas Recap, Part I

Heirloom Quality Screwdrivers For Sale

My turned screwdrivers are now for sale.  They feature a solid dogwood handle and a polished magnetic bit holder which accepts all 1/4" hex-shank screwdriver bits.  The price is $30. To make a screwdriver, I first cut a dogwood blank to size.  Then I bore a 1/4" hole to accept the shank of the magnetic … Continue reading Heirloom Quality Screwdrivers For Sale