Cribbage Board Update

I will be increasing the prices of my live-edge cribbage board on November 1, 2020. Any orders received on or before Halloween will be at the current pricing. Shipping is, and will continue to be free for North American destinations.

Currently, I am working through a sizeable stack of cribbage boards that I harvested in 2018. I got them all designed and drilled last month, sanded and signed them this week, and will start the finishing process next.

This is the largest batch that I’ve ever made and this Christmas season will be a good test of the market. In the midst of COVID I honestly have no idea what to expect – I may sell only a few, or may sell out in two weeks.

Over the past year, I have seen an increase in interest in boards customized with the recipient’s name. Most customers have also been wise enough to order more than a few days in advance so I have sufficient time to complete the carving and let the finish dry!

I also switched to a new supplier of cribbage pegs who makes beautiful, high-quality metal pegs in the United States. The pegs I was using before varied in post diameter enough that the black pegs consistently stood higher than the others. Not these ones – they are stellar. You can see the US-made black steel, stainless steel, and copper cribbage pegs here in an Apex Cribbage Board.

Shop live-edge cribbage boards before November 1 to save. Check back regularly or subscribe to my blog to see the latest from the Flair Woodworks shop!

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