Christmas 2012 Recap

My goal this Christmas season was not to buy anything mass-produced.  I half-succeeded.  For my family, I made a sculptural clock, wooden vases, and turned fridge magnets; each of the items required something mass-produced.

For my brother, I made a clock using black locust for the upright and phenolic, grained to look like ebony, for the face.  The prismatic form of the upright was inspired by the work of Warton Esherick.

Prismatic Clock

Though I needed to buy the clock movement, I made the wooden hands from black locust.

For my mother, I made a set of three dogwood vases.

Dogwood VasesTo allow the vases to hold water, I bored holes and dropped in stainless steel tubes which I bought.

Dogwood Vases

I also turned some knobs from 3/4″ square off-cuts from pen blanks (and one bigger one).  I installed 3/8″ diameter rare-earth magnets in their bases so they can be used as fridge magnets.

Exotic Wood Magnets

This year, we had a gathering of nine for a wonderful Christmas dinner.  This was the first time Relationship Study saw use (yes, it’s still available for purchase).  The table seats 10 comfortably and everyone was grateful for the shape which allowed everybody to see everybody else.

Dinner Party

11 thoughts on “Christmas 2012 Recap

  1. Hey Chris,
    The table looks wonderful in use, which is the final test of a piece of furniture. The head position (which the picture is taken from) has perfect visibility as well as a platter size plate of food for Chris I am sure :). Looks Great!

    I was also inspired by the other very basic, simple gifts you did for Christmas this year, thanks for letting me know. (yes, sarcasim) The candle holders would have helped me out of a couple of big problems his year.
    All the pieces were simple and delightful, the very esense of basic construction.

    1. Hi Garth,

      The table passed the practical use test with flying colours. It was a great dining experience, for sure.

      Sometimes the simplest gifts are borne out of necessity… and little time to execute. I’m glad that you liked my gift ideas and found them inspirational. Keep them in the back of your head for future use, as all artists do.


  2. Love seeing the table in use Chris! Is that your Mom in the far corner? Did you ever develop the wine glass bottle holder?

    1. Olly,

      This was the first time I actually saw how comfortably it could seat 10 people and we all agreed that it passed that test. (Before, it was me shuffling a chair around to the 10 different seats at the table.) Y’know, it could be you and your family around that table! :)


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