Christmas 2012 Recap

My goal this Christmas season was not to buy anything mass-produced.  I half-succeeded.  For my family, I made a sculptural clock, wooden vases, and turned fridge magnets; each of the items required something mass-produced. For my brother, I made a clock using black locust for the upright and phenolic, grained to look like ebony, for the face. … Continue reading Christmas 2012 Recap

Make, Don’t Buy Gifts

This is a woodworking-focused post, as they all are, but first there's something I need to say: I hate how commercialized Christmas has become.  There, I said it.  I feel a bit better now. First of all, Christmas should not be about giving and receiving gifts.  I don't like malls or their line-ups.  I especially … Continue reading Make, Don’t Buy Gifts

Dedication to Woodworking

Some of you who regularly check for updates on this site have been reminding me that I haven't added anything new in a few months.  The reason:  all my free time is dedicated to woodworking.  You see, while I punch these keys to form the words you are now reading, I am also letting a … Continue reading Dedication to Woodworking