Interesting Turnings

I found these three things to be rather interesting and wanted to share them with you. Linsey Pollak made a clarinet from a carrot in under five minutes on stage during a TEDx Talk. My buddy, Mike Flaim, posted a video on his blog of Izzy Swan making a bowl using a table saw. Lisa Chemerika described … Continue reading Interesting Turnings

100 Bowls

Although 100 Bowls has no affiliation with the fabulous and inspiring Lark Books' 500 Series, I think that the idea of making one bowl each day for one hundred days is very interesting and I'm looking forwards to seeing a new bowl in my inbox every day. What, you ask, is “100 Bowls?”  In a nutshell, 100 Bowls … Continue reading 100 Bowls

A Riddle

Today was a beautiful day - warm and sunny. I went to work and, four hours later when I finished, my left side was completely soaked, my right side was dry, and I was standing two inches taller. What was I doing? Do you need a hint? If not, I know that you have done … Continue reading A Riddle

Acacia – Block to Bowl

Right now I have a half dozen blocks of green acacia in the garage.  I spent a good portion of last Saturday turning a pair of bowls from a single block.  I first outlined the shape of the bowl on the block and cut it out on the bandsaw.  I screwed the block onto a faceplate … Continue reading Acacia – Block to Bowl

Dedication to Woodworking

Some of you who regularly check for updates on this site have been reminding me that I haven't added anything new in a few months.  The reason:  all my free time is dedicated to woodworking.  You see, while I punch these keys to form the words you are now reading, I am also letting a … Continue reading Dedication to Woodworking