WoodRiver #5 V3 Bench Plane Review – In Use

My LAST POST showed what the hand plane looked like out of the box.  This post shows what the plane was able to do. While setting up the plane, I took note of the slop in the lateral- and depth-adjusters.  The depth adjuster had 3/4 of a turn of slop and the lateral adjuster had a … Continue reading WoodRiver #5 V3 Bench Plane Review – In Use

A Unique Way to Wrap Presents

Deciding what to get someone is the hard part; wrapping them up is usually easy... unless you're trying to disguise a hockey stick.  But don't overlook the creative opportunities available to you in the wrapping process. I've done some pretty crazy wrapping jobs in the past - some just awesome, others tacky but definitely fun. … Continue reading A Unique Way to Wrap Presents

Preserving Odd Bits of Wood

When I am working, especially with hand tools, I sometimes notice unique and special shavings or chips or other side products in my shaping of a piece. While wasting away material with a bench chisel, I noticed the interesting fractured chip that was being produced simultaneously. I saved four of them and later cut a … Continue reading Preserving Odd Bits of Wood