WoodRiver #5 V3 Bench Plane Review – In Use

My LAST POST showed what the hand plane looked like out of the box.  This post shows what the plane was able to do. While setting up the plane, I took note of the slop in the lateral- and depth-adjusters.  The depth adjuster had 3/4 of a turn of slop and the lateral adjuster had a … Continue reading WoodRiver #5 V3 Bench Plane Review – In Use

Flashback: A Unique Way to Wrap Presents

There's less than a week left until Christmas, so of course you've got all your gifts ready to be wrapped, right? Last year, I discovered a new way to decorate the wrapped package - wood shavings!  Read the original post HERE.

A Unique Way to Wrap Presents

Deciding what to get someone is the hard part; wrapping them up is usually easy... unless you're trying to disguise a hockey stick.  But don't overlook the creative opportunities available to you in the wrapping process. I've done some pretty crazy wrapping jobs in the past - some just awesome, others tacky but definitely fun. … Continue reading A Unique Way to Wrap Presents

Preserving Odd Bits of Wood

When I am working, especially with hand tools, I sometimes notice unique and special shavings or chips or other side products in my shaping of a piece. While wasting away material with a bench chisel, I noticed the interesting fractured chip that was being produced simultaneously. I saved four of them and later cut a … Continue reading Preserving Odd Bits of Wood

Shavings are Fun!

Wood shavings are cool. They are fun to make. They are fun to play with. That is part of why I enjoy working with handplanes so much. It's not just because of the beautiful, polished surface they leave behind. It's because of the fashion in which they remove wood. I've found that different types of … Continue reading Shavings are Fun!