One-Step Joinery

No matter how much time I have, there never seems to be enough. For that reason, I make many of my decisions based on efficiency. My decision to use a hand tool or a power tool for a given task is dependent on what I feel is more efficient for the task at hand. In my effort to … Continue reading One-Step Joinery

Celebrate 5 Years of Flair with an Anniversary Box!

November 1st marks the five-year anniversary of my business and I think that's an excellent reason to celebrate. For the first time, I am offering boxes of this design which I developed. As with everything I offer, I make the entire product in my own shop. I really love the design and hope that you … Continue reading Celebrate 5 Years of Flair with an Anniversary Box!

Fun with Sliding Dovetails

I have put Insanity 2 on hold to work on some small boxes of a design I came up with many years ago. The double-ended box relies on a pair of sliding dovetails perpendicular to each other to open.  While functional, it is also a lot of fun to handle - similar to twiddling your … Continue reading Fun with Sliding Dovetails

Why I Value the Ability to Cut Joints By Hand

Being able to cut a dovetail joint using only hand tools has become recognized as a level of achievement.  But there are other reasons to learn how to cut joinery by hand besides proving yourself and, for me, the biggest reason is being able to deal with unique situations. The joint below on the left … Continue reading Why I Value the Ability to Cut Joints By Hand

Some Ideas Require Great Patience and an Open Mind

This table is for sale and has just been added to my Gallery.  It is one piece which almost never happened. An Odd Start, If You Could Even Call it a Start A few years ago, my wood guy, Dave Kilpatrick, stopped by unexpectedly.  From his trailer, he unloaded a live-edged slab of maple roughly … Continue reading Some Ideas Require Great Patience and an Open Mind

Practice and Experimentation with Joinery

During Artwalk, I showed my work in Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street) with three other artists:  Bronwen Belenkie, Clive Tucker and Mandara Lebovitz.  Our exhibition will continue through April 28th. The gallery is open 10am-3pm Tuesday through Sunday. Last week, I spent three days at Lee Valley Tools Ltd. demonstrating joinery techniques.  I took the opportunity to hone my skills and … Continue reading Practice and Experimentation with Joinery

Unconventional Techniques at the Convention Centre

I'm a pretty creative thinker and am not afraid to try unconventional techniques, even at the Hand Tool Olympics (at Woodworking in America in the Pasadena Convention Center) with a crowd of people, including Chuck Bender, hovering around the bench. Bud Decker filmed my performance which he described as being "by far the most fun … Continue reading Unconventional Techniques at the Convention Centre

Maple Slab Table

For a beautiful, smooth finish that requires little maintenance I first brushed on two coats of polyurethane to build the finish.  Then I smoothed the surface with extra-fine steel wool before spraying on three coats of satin polyurethane.  I sprayed the base with five coats of gloss black enamel. Read the details of the Tweet-Along … Continue reading Maple Slab Table

Dovetails and Plywood

My cousin, Michael, asked me to make a wooden box to store his torque wrench.  When he gave me the wrench so I could make the box to fit, he told me, "It doesn't need to be anything fancy - just something to protect it."  My job was just to make the box and he … Continue reading Dovetails and Plywood

A Box Called “Necessessity?”

This is a long post. If you only have a few minutes, look at the pictures and read "The Point" which is almost half way through. I would also like to hear your reaction whatever it may be. The purpose of this piece is to encourage us to examine the use of precision instruments in woodworking, … Continue reading A Box Called “Necessessity?”