Dovetails and Plywood

My cousin, Michael, asked me to make a wooden box to store his torque wrench.  When he gave me the wrench so I could make the box to fit, he told me, "It doesn't need to be anything fancy - just something to protect it."  My job was just to make the box and he … Continue reading Dovetails and Plywood

Wall Brackets for Hollow Chisel Mortiser

Yesterday, at 2:05 pm, I decided that I needed to get my benchtop mortiser off my bench.  I documented the process of building and mounting wall brackets live on Twitter and what you see below are the updates.  This was useful because each update had a time stamp so followers could see the rate at … Continue reading Wall Brackets for Hollow Chisel Mortiser

Why Not a SawStop?

First of all, if you are not familiar with SawStop technology you should look into it.  Basically, the saw detects when the blade comes in contact with something conductive such as your finger.  When that happens, the aluminum brake is rammed into the blade stopping the blade's rotation, saving your fingers.  This video shows how … Continue reading Why Not a SawStop?

Why a Sliding Table Saw with Scoring Blade?

Most hobbyist woodworkers are impressed when they see my saw.  It's a big piece of machinery, especially with the 5' sliding table and outrigger.  And for many of them, it's something they've never seen, or even imagined before. When I tell someone who has seen this type of machine before, they nod in approval and … Continue reading Why a Sliding Table Saw with Scoring Blade?

Working with Melamine Particle Board

Furniture is what I primarily make, and I think that solid wood is the best choice of materials.  No two pieces are identical, and its consistent nature lends itself well to carving - there is no risk of cutting through one layer into another creating an ugly seam. But solid wood is not always the … Continue reading Working with Melamine Particle Board

More Adjustments on the Sliding Table Saw

Yesterday, I continued setting up my saw. First, I had a 7' power cord installed. With power to the saw, I performed the test run, ensuring that the saw started and ran smoothly in the right direction and stopped, and checking that the three off switches worked. There is one mushroom off switch under the … Continue reading More Adjustments on the Sliding Table Saw

Moving & Assembly of the Sliding Table Saw

Well, yesterday I had a chance to move my saw down to the shop. The weather had warmed up enough to dry up the ground sufficiently to allow the 5" diameter casters of my mobile base to roll over the grass. I spent an hour building a ramp over the stairs leading down to my … Continue reading Moving & Assembly of the Sliding Table Saw

My New Sliding Table Saw

I've been gradually learning more and more about sliding table saws over the past few years, and finally, a couple weeks ago, I made the decision and ordered one.It's been a bit of a drawn-out process, but yesterday my new saw was delivered into my garage. I uncrated the saw, took a measurement of the … Continue reading My New Sliding Table Saw