Moving & Assembly of the Sliding Table Saw

Well, yesterday I had a chance to move my saw down to the shop. The weather had warmed up enough to dry up the ground sufficiently to allow the 5″ diameter casters of my mobile base to roll over the grass.

I spent an hour building a ramp over the stairs leading down to my shop using a 4′ skid, two 7′ skids, two solid stools and scraps of plywood. The scraps of plywood screwed to the sides of the ramp were an insurance measure – last week I helped a friend move a jointer/planer and we had a corner roll of the ramp a few times.

Fortunately, on this day the move went so smoothly that the extra insurance measure was not necessary. I was able to slowly move the table saw onto the mobile base myself and had my brother help me guide is slowly down the ramp and into the shop. Twice, the mobile base dug itself into the ground and I needed to wrap moving straps around the front corners of the mobile base and pull upwards/forwards while my brother pushed. It worked fine.

I spent about 3-1/2 hours assembling the saw step by step by myself and had no issues. The steel extension wings are secured to the cast iron table with bolts and set screws to level them. I found out that the trick is to have the set screws protruding more than required, so the far end of the extension wing is angled upwards. Then, gradually back of the set screw while tightening the mounting bolt until it sits level.

This picture shows how the saw will accept a dado stack – at left is the outside arbor flange; in the middle is a spacer; and at right is the fixed inside arbor flange (the arbor nut is not shown).

The next step is to wire in the cord, attach the plug, and plug it in and do a test run.

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