My New Sliding Table Saw

I’ve been gradually learning more and more about sliding table saws over the past few years, and finally, a couple weeks ago, I made the decision and ordered one.It’s been a bit of a drawn-out process, but yesterday my new saw was delivered into my garage.

I uncrated the saw, took a measurement of the base, and spent the rest of the day fabricating a mobile base. Being such a warm day, I was able to apply three coats of paint to the mobile base. Recreational White is the colour of Tremclad paint that best matches the saw’s cabinet.

This morning, I took inventory of all the parts. Everything was accounted for and I also found a dust collection hose and two hose clamps not listed. I had a little difficulty locating the bolts and washers which were already threaded into their parts, but otherwise, everything was very straightforward. My 4″ brass caliper was very useful in identifying fastener sizes.

Currently, the saw is sitting in my garage. My shop is around back and to get to it, the saw needs to go down the grassy slope, down the twisitng concrete stairs, and across the back yard. To make moving the saw as easy and unexciting as possible, I took off the cast iron table. By the way, the saw feels a lot lighter if you first unscrew the brackets holding the saw to the pallet on which you are standing!

I was impressed with the machining on the cast iron table.

I also spent a good bit of time cleaning up my shop to make room for the new saw. I think that I will try to keep both table saws operational and in the shop for the time being just to see what it’s like working with two saws. I once had the idea of putting two saws side by side – one in place of the other saw’s extension wing. That way I would have two saws using the same fence rail. I could have one set up for ripping and one for crosscutting. Or with a dado stack.

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