Magic Square Changed How I Work

Tolerances and precision in woodworking have been two ideas that I've been contemplating for a long time (see A Box Called "Tolerences" and A Box Called "Necessessity").  That was why Magic Square captured my attention. This video outlines the benefits of Magic Square (duration - 4:24). This is the seventeenth slide from my PechaKucha presentation.

Exactly as Precise as Required

If it looks right, it's probably right. In my work, I've always tried to avoid numbers.  Mostly, I used numbers to communicate with the rest of the world.  For example, it was more helpful to tell you that Relationship Study was about 45 inches wide than to gesture with my hands. Recently, I made a … Continue reading Exactly as Precise as Required

A Box Called “Necessessity?”

This is a long post. If you only have a few minutes, look at the pictures and read "The Point" which is almost half way through. I would also like to hear your reaction whatever it may be. The purpose of this piece is to encourage us to examine the use of precision instruments in woodworking, … Continue reading A Box Called “Necessessity?”