Woodworking Digitally is More Convenient, But Not Better

What Do I Mean By "Woodworking Digitally"? First, let me define digital. I don’t exclusively mean the use of measuring tools with LCD screens. I mean the use of any numbers at all, whether Metric or Imperial, decimals or fractions. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: digital: of, relating to, or using calculation by numerical methods … Continue reading Woodworking Digitally is More Convenient, But Not Better


While touring California and Arizona last month, I must have been asked about eight times whether I use the Metric or Imperial system of measurement in my woodworking. Here's my stance: neither, if I can help it.  If I absolutely need to measure something, I'll use the Imperial system because nearly all my measuring tools … Continue reading Measuring

Exactly as Precise as Required

If it looks right, it's probably right. In my work, I've always tried to avoid numbers.  Mostly, I used numbers to communicate with the rest of the world.  For example, it was more helpful to tell you that Relationship Study was about 45 inches wide than to gesture with my hands. Recently, I made a … Continue reading Exactly as Precise as Required

Tools I Use Daily

There are some of the non-powered tools which I use nearly every time I work in the shop. These are my necessities, tools that make my work so much easier and most are a joy to use. Some are expensive, some are not. All are worth every penny to me. Here's the list:-COMBINATION SQUARE: I'm … Continue reading Tools I Use Daily