Magic Square Changed How I Work

Tolerances and precision in woodworking have been two ideas that I’ve been contemplating for a long time (see A Box Called “Tolerences” and A Box Called “Necessessity”).  That was why Magic Square captured my attention.

This video outlines the benefits of Magic Square (duration – 4:24).

This is the seventeenth slide from my PechaKucha presentation.


11 thoughts on “Magic Square Changed How I Work

  1. Chris, I just watched this and laughed my butt off. Thank you and now I too need a Magic Square. :o) Fred

  2. Totally funny! The sad part is that all the squares ain’t proved, much like all the levels ain’t proved.., you buy them from the borg thinking they will be square, or give you levels, but consumerism being what it is, you may just as well buy a magic square. Nothing so flabergasting as to walk into a new home and see all the doors at an off angle…Why? because when they set the hinge jamb, the levell wasn’t accurate!

    Is your next product to be mac-tac dovetials?

    Luv the cynicism!

    Best regards

    Eric in cowtown

  3. To everyone who has expressed interest in acquiring a Magic Square, I am planning to make some, but I don’t have a timeline yet. I will let you know through my blog when I know more.


    1. Well, I for one will be buying at least one Magic Square even though I believe that I have approx. 17 of similar quality in my shop as we speak. :o) In the meantime you can always buy some of the Bridge City Squares on ebay that John guarantees are square or can be made square. Fred

  4. What a riot, Chris! Definitely a must have tool for correcting ‘minor’ issues. I used to use the ‘supreme smashing swagger’ to correct mistakes, but no more! LOL

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