Fun with Sliding Dovetails

I have put Insanity 2 on hold to work on some small boxes of a design I came up with many years ago.

The double-ended box relies on a pair of sliding dovetails perpendicular to each other to open.  While functional, it is also a lot of fun to handle – similar to twiddling your thumbs, but much more fun.  How much fun?  This much fun.  (Video – 0:48)

5 thoughts on “Fun with Sliding Dovetails

    1. That is amazing would you mind sending me either the plan for each piece or a sketch or photos. Did you cut the dovetails by hand? I see that there is a slot in the on piece how is it attached to the other piece? These sort of things always tickle my fancy.
      Dave Whittington, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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