Dogwood Arts and Crafts Table – Complete!

On December 24th at 7:30 pm, I completed the dogwood table.  It took 130 hours to complete and was finished with two coats of Deft Exterior Oil.  It included two drop-in leaves supported by telescoping arms.  I am very pleased with how it turned out (and also that I got it done for Christmas) as are the Kilpatricks.

3 thoughts on “Dogwood Arts and Crafts Table – Complete!

  1. I have a large dogwood that is succumbing to likely one or more of the dogwood disorders that got a big dogwood in my yard a couple of decades ago. The arborist said then that it was inevitable.
    When we took that one out, it was cut into firewood lengths. I was sorry about that when I got a look at the wood because (according to the arborist) each disease had caused different colors in the wood. Reddish, yellowish, and dark brown. It would have been interesting for woodworking.
    If you would like to explore using the wood from this one, or know someone (probably in the Pacific Northwest) who would, let me know. I hate to turn this into firewood.

    1. Hi Luella,

      Dogwood can certainly be a very beautiful wood. Firewood lengths is a show-stopper for many woodworkers other than turners and carvers. What city is the wood in?


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