Insanity 2: Doors

As you saw in my last post, I had created two doors with curved frames for Insanity 2.  The curved edges eliminated most of the conventional options of attaching doors to a cabinet, so I sat down with my sketch book to come up with other ways.


Here are the sketches that I drew.  Their only purpose was to illustrate different ways of attaching the doors to the cabinets and were not representative of the shape or size of the cabinet or other components.

Insanity 2 Door Attachment Sketch, Page 1Insanity 2 Door Attachment Sketch, Page 2

Thanks to Jeremy Morgan, Peter Franks, Chris Martin and Neil Zenuk for the suggestions.


4 thoughts on “Insanity 2: Doors

  1. That is a lot of options…and a lot of thought went into them! The two pieces look beautiful and deserve that kind of thought. I am waiting to see what you come up with in the end. One thing I have learned from reading your blog is, difficulty does not come into consideration in the design process. You are great at “trying anything” and you always seem to make it work.
    Waiting for the next view…

    1. Steve,

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. I see design as a separate process from making it work. The complexity, or the feasibility/practicality of a design doesn’t even matter in the design phase. That is all taken care of in the next stage.

      One of the posts that I’m working on explains a process I use to help develop a design, and how I am using it to design Insanity 2.


  2. How about these…

    Hinge them in the center, sort of like a medicine cabinet may have been.

    Or choose a corner and make that corner stationary and have the door pivot off of that corner. Say the top inside corners would make it so the bottom of the door would need to be lifted away form the center of the cabinet.

    Just a few thoughts. Good luck

    1. Orea,

      Those are two simple, practical ideas. Good thinking. Do you know that feeling where you just know that something is right? That’s the feeling I’m looking for, and these sketches haven’t shown it to me. But I have an idea! Oh, there will be more. Thanks for reading…


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