Lennart Van Uffelen – Tafel.01

Tafel.01 by Lennart Van Uffelen

Artist Name:  Lennart Van Uffelen
Title:  Tafel.01
Details:  circa 2011 – Ash, Stainless Steel, 120cm L x 80cm W x 75cm H

Why It’s Notable:

Somebody once asked me how to be artistic.  My suggestion was to start with something functional, then add or remove from it until you are done.  By replacing one leg with an axe, this piece remains functional, yet is transformed into a work of art!

9 thoughts on “Lennart Van Uffelen – Tafel.01

  1. I like the table. Marty’s right, “Shining table”! Sadly I didn’t need to google to get it, Marty. :) Wonder if the top of the ax blade is sharp so you roll a watermellon toward it to split it for snacks.

  2. Actually,this table is interesting(surprising) but it ‘s more a sculpture than a furniture.In my opinion, your last project,the maple table is much more interesting(personality)).It’s a 100% sculpture and a 100% functional table.It’s not easy to find the right balance.

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