New Grips for My Veritas #5-1/4 Bench Plane

Of all the bench planes (bevel-down) I have acquired, the Veritas ones have been by far the easiest to adjust and for that, I love them.  Blade adjustments have always been responsive and predictable; I could set the mouth to let through only a sliver of light quicker than you can read the upcoming quote, … Continue reading New Grips for My Veritas #5-1/4 Bench Plane

Hardware Inspires Me

Experienced woodworkers know that one of the keys to a successful project is to have the hardware that will be used on-hand before the planning stage is complete and building begins. While having a thorough (and accurate) understanding of the hardware is one reason to explore what is available, I also study hardware for inspiration. … Continue reading Hardware Inspires Me

Shiny Handles Suck

Many wooden-handled tools that you can buy come covered in a tough, shiny finish.  These tools look so perfect and pretty and would look right at home in a glass display case under a spotlight in the Museum of Modern Art.  While the shiny handles are pretty and easy to wipe clean, they are slippery … Continue reading Shiny Handles Suck

Slicks and Handles for Socket Chisels

A slick is essentially a large chisel that can be used to pare or trim projections in the middle of a large surface.  Many slicks have cranked handles (angled upwards) to provide the necessary clearance.  They are often used in timber framing but their size makes the overkill in the shop.  Useful or not, it's … Continue reading Slicks and Handles for Socket Chisels

New Duds for #4

Handles (or totes, as they are called regarding hand planes) are often very personal things. Yet, I don't think that any hand plane makers offer any options as to whether you would like a small, medium, or large tote for your plane. Perhaps that's because the makers figure that the end user will either just … Continue reading New Duds for #4